The best processors in 2022: our top for all occasions

Choos­ing the right proces­sor is right­ful­ly con­sid­ered one of the most impor­tant steps in assem­bling a com­put­er. And although there are not so many CPUs them­selves, this does not make buy­ing the right mod­el any

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: Apple laptops compared

Silent, elegant and expensive The Mac­Book is Apple’s thinnest lap­top. With its 12-inch dis­play, it will be con­ve­nient for mobile use and con­stant trans­porta­tion. You won’t find a thin­ner Apple lap­top. It is pre­sent­ed in

We assemble a gaming computer for 800$

Com­pi­la­tions of the best proces­sors, the best RAM, moth­er­boards and dri­ves are great. But not all users will be able to com­bine them into a well-func­tion­ing and well-bal­anced sys­tem. There­fore, from time to time we

The best monitors of 2021: from budget to premium

Choos­ing a mon­i­tor is a very respon­si­ble and far from the eas­i­est thing to do. In addi­tion to the diag­o­nal and screen res­o­lu­tion, you need to con­sid­er many oth­er impor­tant fac­tors. This is the refresh

All in one: the best monoblocks for different tasks

This deci­sion made these machines com­pact and com­pa­ra­ble in pow­er to clas­si­cal com­put­ers. Although some mod­els install hard­ware from lap­tops. After all, it is less over­all than stan­dard PC com­po­nents. The best budget monoblocks These

10 Women’s Inventions That Changed the World

A circular saw Tabitha Bab­bitt, 1813 It was invent­ed by the weaver Tabitha Bab­bit, who lived in an Amer­i­can reli­gious com­mu­ni­ty in the 19th cen­tu­ry. She watched men saw­ing logs with a con­ven­tion­al two-hand­ed saw,