StarWind SSM5575 steam mop review

Dry clean­ing the floor on a reg­u­lar basis is a very impor­tant step in main­tain­ing clean­li­ness in the house. In the pres­ence of a robot vac­u­um clean­er or with fre­quent clean­ing of the floor, soon­er or lat­er you will need a wet clean­ing, or even a thor­ough wash­ing of the floor. You can go the tra­di­tion­al way, ie. take a mop or cloth in hand and go to wash, or you can take a more mod­ern device, such as a steam mop. The effect of hot steam facil­i­tates the very process of wash­ing the floor, but also helps to get rid of unwant­ed microbes and organ­isms, which is impor­tant if there are small chil­dren who spend a lot of time on the floor. Today we will meet a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of this kind of device, name­ly the Star­Wind SSM5575 steam mop.


Mod­el Star­Wind SSM5575
Type Cord­ed steam mop/steam clean­er
Water tank vol­ume 0.35 l
Heat­ing time 30 sec­onds
Steam pow­er 25 g/min
Anti-calc fil­ter There is
Pow­er wire length 5 m
Num­ber of noz­zles 10 pieces
Dimen­sions 109 * 27 * 15 cm (as a mop)
The weight 3.15 kg

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The mop is packed in a fair­ly long box. Except on one side, it is bright red.

The box has a full-col­or image of the mop, as well as an abun­dance of infor­ma­tion: spec­i­fi­ca­tions, fea­tures and equip­ment. Those. the pack­ag­ing is as infor­ma­tive as pos­si­ble, besides, all this is writ­ten in Russ­ian. Inside, every­thing is packed in a lot of bags and card­board inserts, so let’s just unpack every­thing and see.

Deliv­ery set includes:

  • steam gen­er­a­tor
  • Beaker
  • Exten­sion han­dle with trig­ger and noz­zle for clean­ing floors and car­pets
  • set of dif­fer­ent noz­zles for use as a hand­held steam clean­er

The steam gen­er­a­tor is made of gold­en plas­tic with black inserts.

The shape of the steam gen­er­a­tor is very sim­i­lar to sim­i­lar rep­re­sen­ta­tives, as well as portable and car vac­u­um clean­ers. Those. This is a com­pact elon­gat­ed device that car­ries all the ele­ments nec­es­sary for work. In this case, this is a pow­er cable 5 meters long, which is enough for almost any liv­ing room, of course, it will not mas­ter the kitchen-liv­ing room, but in a room up to 25–30 m², depend­ing on the con­fig­u­ra­tion of the sock­ets, it will be enough. Most of the body is occu­pied by the han­dle, which will be use­ful when used as a man­u­al steam clean­er, you can also see the steam but­ton on it. Next after the han­dle is a wash­er, which can be used to adjust the steam sup­ply force (inten­si­ty). This will be use­ful when clean­ing more del­i­cate sur­faces than tiles, for exam­ple. Near the reg­u­la­tor there is a small LED indi­ca­tor that lights up red when ready and green when ful­ly ready for oper­a­tion. On oppo­site sides of the steam gen­er­a­tor there are clamps for fas­ten­ing the han­dle and noz­zles.

Clamps will be need­ed when using noz­zles, because. the steam is very hot and they will help to avoid burns. At the bot­tom, the device bears a label. I would say that it is stan­dard, con­tains the name of the mod­el, infor­ma­tion about the man­u­fac­tur­er, pow­er. Near it there is a translu­cent dark­ened win­dow in which gran­ules are vis­i­ble. Maybe it’s water soft­en­er salt, like in a dish­wash­er. Near the pow­er cord there is a hook that serves to wind the wire when the long han­dle is attached. In addi­tion, there is a plug for fill­ing water, which is fixed sim­ply by a sil­i­cone ring, and thanks to it, leaks can be avoid­ed.

The long han­dle for wash­ing the floor has a pipe, pre­sum­ably alu­minum, with a plas­tic han­dle in the same col­or scheme and style as the steam gen­er­a­tor. In addi­tion to the steam trig­ger, there is a sec­ond hook for wind­ing the wire. On the oth­er side there is a noz­zle through which steam will pass, as well as a latch for attach­ing an exten­sion cord to the steam gen­er­a­tor.

The noz­zle with a rag, as well as the exten­sion cord, will con­nect to the steam gen­er­a­tor and snap into place with latch­es. At the base of this noz­zle, you can imme­di­ate­ly see in which planes it can move.

The nap­kin on a noz­zle is fixed by means of hooks/loops. With them, she clings to the ledges on the site, which are toothy nee­dles. The car­pet clean­ing frame is fixed over the cloth.

The rest of the noz­zles are var­i­ous com­bi­na­tions of noz­zle widths and the pres­ence / absence of bris­tles. They will be able to clean the seams, for exam­ple, in tiles, wash win­dows, clean espe­cial­ly stub­born dirt, steam usu­al­ly helps a lot in this mat­ter. All this makes Star­Wind SSM5575 a ver­sa­tile house­hold assis­tant that will help keep your home clean.

And of course there is a use­ful and capa­cious instruc­tion.


Before using the steam mop, you need to assem­ble it. To sim­pli­fy this event, you need to read the instruc­tions in order to avoid excess­es, but the assem­bly is intu­itive and an unpre­pared per­son can han­dle it. Assem­bly comes down to con­nect­ing a noz­zle with a nap­kin and an exten­sion cord to the steam gen­er­a­tor.

Some­how con­nect­ing incor­rect­ly will not work, you can only break it. There­fore, we sim­ply look at the coun­ter­parts and con­nect them. The latch­es will click at a cer­tain moment, which will mean ready. Next, we fix the nap­kin on the site and if you plan to imme­di­ate­ly use the device for its intend­ed pur­pose, then I rec­om­mend moist­en­ing it. Assem­bly com­plet­ed.

The next step is to fill the tank with water. For this, we will use a com­plete mea­sur­ing cup. We take out the cork from the body of the steam gen­er­a­tor, pour water inside. One glass (about 300 ml) is enough to fill the con­tain­er almost com­plete­ly. It is nec­es­sary to fill in fil­tered water or dis­tilled water, in which case the device will last much longer. You can fill the device with water while stand­ing, it is fixed in a slight tilt and stands steadi­ly. The steam mop can now be plugged into an out­let

After switch­ing on, the red LED lights up. The char­ac­ter­is­tics indi­cate that the prepa­ra­tion time is 30 sec­onds, but after 15 sec­onds the green LED lights up and steam is already being sup­plied. Those. plug it into a pow­er out­let, go to the place where the clean­ing starts and imme­di­ate­ly clean it up. There is essen­tial­ly no pause.

The steam is enough to warm the sur­face well and soak the dirt. After a sin­gle pass with a nap­kin, sig­nif­i­cant heat is felt from the sur­face. The wet­ta­bil­i­ty is suf­fi­cient to not have time to dry, despite a thick cloth and a warm floor, which dries it a lit­tle faster, but pre-wet­ting is nec­es­sary. There is enough maneu­ver­abil­i­ty at the site with her head, as can be seen from the pho­to, she went under the table on which chairs hang almost in a supine state. In addi­tion, the angle between the exten­sion han­dle and the steam gen­er­a­tor can be changed by squeez­ing the two latch­es and chang­ing in the desired direc­tion.

Now let’s try anoth­er noz­zle and clean the seam between the tiles. To do this, we col­lect through an adapter and a cone noz­zle. The adapter is fixed in the same way as the nap­kin plat­form, but the cone noz­zle is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, at the expense of the protrusion/groove and the twist lock. The remain­ing noz­zles are fixed in the same way.

It is always worth remem­ber­ing that we are deal­ing with steam and be care­ful. I acci­den­tal­ly got my foot under a jet of steam, it was unpleas­ant. And if you have chil­dren, you need to be dou­bly care­ful and do not leave the device turned on in the out­let.

When the water in the tank runs out, the device does not report it in any way. How­ev­er, you can­not miss this, first­ly, the “tick­ing” will be notice­ably loud­er, and sec­ond­ly, the amount of steam will be much less. There­fore, you just need to add water and con­tin­ue work­ing. Inside there is a kind of “water catch­er” that will fol­low the water in any posi­tion.

Wash­ing approx­i­mate­ly 55–60 m² of floor takes 23–30 min­utes, depend­ing on the speed of the mop, and approx­i­mate­ly 2–3 mea­sur­ing cups. The nap­kin col­lects dirt very well and even after 30 m² does not leave marks and streaks, it works 100%. How­ev­er, this is not a rea­son to wash the entire area at once, it is still bet­ter to wash it. Below in the pho­to is a rag after wash­ing the floor (includ­ing the entrance group, and the weath­er is frankly dirty now) and after, prob­a­bly, the 9th wash. If you do not run, it wash­es very well.



A wor­thy device for keep­ing the house clean. Ease of use will not scare away even a per­son far from tech­nol­o­gy, and every­one else will sim­ply use this effec­tive device. Many noz­zles will allow you to wash not only the floor, but also win­dows and tile seams, as well as oth­er sur­faces that have strong and per­sis­tent pol­lu­tion. You should always remem­ber about safe­ty mea­sures when using, because you will have to work with steam.

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