Review of the robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550

The robot vac­u­um clean­er is the object of con­tro­ver­sy and holi­vars on the top­ic of whether it is need­ed and whether it is use­ful. This is due to a mis­un­der­stand­ing of why it is need­ed and a strict faith in adver­tis­ing texts. The first rein­forces the sec­ond. Although if you fig­ure out why you need a “pylik”, every­thing falls into place and it turns out that he copes with his task. Main­tain­ing a fair­ly good lev­el of clean­li­ness on the floor is very cool and almost any­one (with­in rea­son) can han­dle it, some faster, some bet­ter. Con­sid­er the basic robot vac­u­um clean­er with wet clean­ing func­tion — STARWIND SRV7550.


Packaging, appearance and equipment

The gray pack­ag­ing of the device is dilut­ed with red inscrip­tions and the image of a robot vac­u­um clean­er. Made from thick card­board.

The image of the assis­tant is locat­ed on both sides. The front side shows the main fea­tures: HEPA fil­ter, tur­bo brush, map­ping and con­trol via the appli­ca­tion. The reverse side is bright red. Here are detailed descrip­tions of the char­ac­ter­is­tics, equip­ment and a few more fea­tures. As always, STARWIND has every­thing in Russ­ian. Inside, every­thing is packed in a spe­cial niche in a card­board form. For added pro­tec­tion, every­thing is in indi­vid­ual pack­ages.

In addi­tion to the robot vac­u­um clean­er itself, which has a fil­ter, a trash con­tain­er and a tur­bo brush, the kit includes:

  • Charg­ing base with pow­er adapter
  • Wet wipe con­tain­er
  • 4 side brush­es
  • Replace­able HEPA fil­ter
  • Clean­ing brush
  • Remote con­trol
  • User’s man­u­al

The pres­ence of spare brush­es and a fil­ter is good, it will allow you not to wor­ry about con­sum­ables for a long time. And the remote con­trol will allow you to use the basic, and not only, func­tions with­out installing and con­fig­ur­ing soft­ware. More on that lat­er, but for now let’s con­sid­er the actu­al vac­u­um clean­er itself.

The STARWIND SRV7550 robot vac­u­um clean­er is a clas­sic “wash­er”, the most com­mon appear­ance. On top is the start / return but­ton, as well as the Wi-Fi con­nec­tion indi­ca­tor. There is a bumper at the front, which is pro­tect­ed by trans­port foam spac­ers, remov­ing which gives it mobil­i­ty and a “click” of press­ing is heard. There is a black win­dow on the bumper itself, behind which the sen­sors are hid­den. Win­dows for IR receivers are vis­i­ble on the sides, and maybe addi­tion­al prox­im­i­ty sen­sors. There is a charg­ing port on the left if you don’t want to use the charg­ing base. On the oth­er side, there is a small speak­er mesh. At the back of the robot there is an out­let for pass­ing air, as well as a but­ton to open the con­tain­er.

There are no sur­pris­es at the bot­tom either. In the cen­ter, the tur­bo brush mount­ing frame, which is held on by two latch­es, attracts atten­tion with an orange col­or. The on/off switch is vis­i­ble on the left. There is a swiv­el cast­er and charg­ing pads on the front. There are two places for attach­ing side “rak­ing” brush­es, near them there are win­dows with height sen­sors to throw from a height, if there is a lad­der. There is an infor­ma­tion stick­er in the cen­ter.

For clean­ing and pre­ven­tion, every­thing is easy to dis­as­sem­ble, the latch­es are released with your fin­gers with­out spe­cial tools. The con­tain­er is also pulled out and dis­as­sem­bled eas­i­ly, inside you can find sev­er­al fil­ters, one of which is HEPA and allows you to keep small dust par­ti­cles, and not “spit out”.

Con­tain­er for wet clean­ing, installed instead of a garbage col­lec­tor. At the bot­tom you can see a lot of hooks that hold the wet clean­ing cloth, it has Vel­cro tapes (Vel­cro). Water dis­pensers lined up in an arc; in the pres­ence of the lat­ter, they con­stant­ly moist­en the nap­kin. From above you can see two plugs, filler and for main­te­nance, such as flush­ing. Very good, and most impor­tant­ly use­ful thing.

Con­sum­ables are quite typ­i­cal for this kind of dusters, if nec­es­sary, you can eas­i­ly buy on many online sites. The remote con­trol is pow­ered by two AAA ele­ments and is endowed with the abil­i­ty to con­trol the robot in man­u­al mode, run in dif­fer­ent modes and set a sched­ule.

The charg­ing base / sta­tion is also made in a typ­i­cal design for such devices. There is an LED on the top, and a pow­er adapter can be con­nect­ed on the side. There are some anti-slip feet on the bot­tom of the base, but due to the light weight, they try in vain to keep it in place.

The instruc­tion briefly but suc­cinct­ly tells about the capa­bil­i­ties of the robot vac­u­um clean­er and the rules of use.


To start using the assis­tant, just turn it on at the bot­tom, and then start it from the but­ton on top of the case or remote con­trol. The robot in Russ­ian will announce the start of clean­ing and go. It will clean up to a cer­tain bat­tery lev­el, or until the floor is clean, in his opin­ion.

The robot vac­u­um clean­er is not endowed with lidar, so it focus­es on its sen­sa­tions, name­ly prox­im­i­ty sen­sors. If he encoun­ters an obsta­cle, he turns around and tries to dri­ve away. Goes around the obsta­cle in this way and con­tin­ues clean­ing.

I always try to run the “snake” mode, in my opin­ion, the most opti­mal mode, which will cov­er the entire avail­able area. Regard­less of the mind and lev­el of the vac­u­um clean­er, he will sim­ply walk over it phys­i­cal­ly. There is a sim­i­lar mode and it works ade­quate­ly. But unlike “lidar” mod­els, it does­n’t dri­ve around the perime­ter and then fill the inside sur­face, it just starts to snake from the start­ing point.

There is a sep­a­rate but­ton on the remote con­trol for pass­ing the perime­ter. Those. after clean­ing, you can run it to dri­ve around the cor­ners to col­lect every­thing that is left there.

When return­ing to the base, like most robots of this class, the hero of the review can run a lit­tle, but he will still come home. To do this, even robots with the most advanced nav­i­ga­tion start look­ing for a home when there is anoth­er 15% ‑25% charge, any­one can get lost.

Here’s what dust col­lect­ed in a room with a small rug and a cat.

STARWIND SRV7550 fit in the side open­ing, between the floor and the bed, and the cat likes to sleep there, as a result, he pulled out a bun­dle of wool from there. The main robot does not crawl through there because of the “tow­er”, although the body is low­er.

A rug with an aver­age length of pile, and a height of 1.8 cm, was dif­fi­cult to clean, the height turned out to be on the verge of obstruc­tion, and the pile exac­er­bat­ed the prob­lem, it elm in it. Although in the end he vac­u­umed it. A 1.6 cm high short pile mat was passed with­out any prob­lems.

The block for wet clean­ing is installed instead of the garbage col­lec­tor, i.e. You can not simul­ta­ne­ous­ly clean in the “dry” and “wet” mode. Water is always sup­plied cap­il­lary to the nap­kin, so if you have a floor sur­face that does not like water or high humid­i­ty, such as lam­i­nate, be care­ful with this, because. water tank installed but robot not run­ning = pud­dle.

In addi­tion to start­ing from a remote con­trol or a but­ton, you can use the STARWIND SmartLife appli­ca­tion. You can down­load it in the app stores: Google Play Mar­ket and Apple App Store.

If you have ever used such pro­grams, then you can eas­i­ly get com­fort­able in this case. If this is a new expe­ri­ence for you, then you can read the steps below. First of all, we down­load the appli­ca­tion, launch it and go through the sim­plest reg­is­tra­tion pro­ce­dure.

Then we need to add our device so that we can receive data from it and can con­trol it remote­ly. We select the type and mod­el, enter the Wi-Fi net­work data and put the robot (like any smart home device) into pair­ing and con­fig­u­ra­tion mode by hold­ing a sin­gle but­ton for 5 sec­onds. After that, it waits for auto­mat­ic con­fig­u­ra­tion and fin­ish­es it.

From now on, we can start the STARWIND SRV7550 robot vac­u­um clean­er from our smart­phone, set up a sched­ule, view the map, update the firmware.



The STARWIND SRV7550 Robot Vac­u­um Clean­er is a work­horse that will main­tain a clean enough lev­el to walk bare­foot and not swear at grains of sand and crumbs on the floor. Wet clean­ing requires increased atten­tion, name­ly the instal­la­tion of an appro­pri­ate con­tain­er. Set­ting work to work on a sched­ule, when, for exam­ple, you are at work, will allow you to main­tain order with­out your par­tic­i­pa­tion.

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