Dreame P10 Pro | Cordless upright vacuum cleaner for $200–250

In 2021, Dreame launched anoth­er upright vac­u­um clean­er — Dreame P10 Pro. The man­u­fac­tur­er was count­ing on the widest audi­ence, so he left only the nec­es­sary acces­sories in the pack­age, equipped the vac­u­um clean­er with a suf­fi­cient­ly (but not exces­sive­ly) pow­er­ful motor and at the same time retained the brand­ed build qual­i­ty. As a result, Dreame P10 Pro, with a price tag of 230 S, has become one of the lead­ers in the mid­dle class. I will tell you more about the con­fig­u­ra­tion, func­tion­al­i­ty and test results of this mod­el lat­er in the arti­cle.


In the brand­ed box we man­aged to find:

  • the vac­u­um clean­er itself;
  • exten­sion rod;
  • main noz­zle;
  • fur­ni­ture noz­zle;
  • crevice noz­zle 2 in 1;
  • pow­er adapter;
  • floor stand;
  • instruc­tion in Russ­ian.

The set is rel­a­tive­ly mod­est. No car­pet brush, no brack­et and no extra acces­sories. How­ev­er, this is not sur­pris­ing, giv­en the price tag of the Dreame P10 Pro.


Design Dreame P10 Pro a lit­tle unusu­al. The dust col­lec­tor occu­pies a ver­ti­cal posi­tion, but in order to pour out the garbage, the flask must be unfas­tened. It’s good that at least the bar does not need to be removed. Mul­ti-stage fil­tra­tion sys­tem: mesh, HEPA fil­ter and pre-motor fil­ter. The flask, togeth­er with all the fil­ters, can be washed under the tap. Dust con­tain­er capac­i­ty — 500 ml.

For con­trol, a pis­tol grip with a key is used, which must be clamped with the index fin­ger, although there is also a latch — it is locat­ed on the pan­el with the dis­play. There is also a but­ton for switch­ing modes. You can only reach it with the oth­er hand. The dis­play shows the select­ed pow­er and bat­tery charge.

The bat­tery pack is insert­ed under the han­dle. It is not nec­es­sary to charge it in the vac­u­um clean­er, because the adapter sock­et is locat­ed on the unit itself. Can be detached and charged at a con­ve­nient loca­tion.

A few words should also be said about noz­zles. The main noz­zle is equipped with a soft roller designed for smooth floors. The amount of tan­gled hair should be kept to a min­i­mum thanks to the self-clean­ing sys­tem with fine teeth. Imme­di­ate­ly behind the roller is a bell, bor­dered by soft over­lays. The con­ve­nience of mov­ing the noz­zle on the floor is pro­vid­ed by three rollers: one large, and every­thing is in order with it, and two small ones, which will have to be con­stant­ly cleaned of hair.

The Dreame P10 Pro fur­ni­ture noz­zle is mod­ern, with a bris­tle brush. The bell sticks tight­ly to the uphol­stery, pulls out any debris, dust mites and gen­er­al­ly tidies up the uphol­stery.

The 2 in 1 noz­zle is very con­ve­nient. You can switch between slot­ted and fluffy nibs on the fly.

In gen­er­al, there are no com­plaints about the design and assem­bly of the Dreame P10 Pro. The plas­tic is of high qual­i­ty, no traces of mold­ing were found, the seams are almost imper­cep­ti­ble.

Name Dreame P10 Pro Dreame P10
Bat­tery type and capac­i­ty
2500 2000
Oper­at­ing time min, min 60 50
Oper­at­ing time max, min 10.5 to 10
Charg­ing time, h 3 2.5
Engine Space Air 1.0 brush­less motor Space Air 1.0 brush­less motor
Rat­ed pow­er, W 410 350
Suc­tion pres­sure, kPa 22 20
Suc­tion force, aW 130 one hun­dred
Air flow rate, m/s (min/average/max with­out rod and noz­zles) 7.9/11.9/20.7 N/a
Dust con­tain­er vol­ume, ml 500 500
Noise lev­el in dB 78–85 73–82
Weight, kg 1.63 1.63
Acces­sories 2‑in‑1 crevice tool, elec­tric mini brush, ver­ti­cal stand 2‑in‑1 crevice tool, Mount­ing clip, Wall stand
Yan­dex Mar­ket Yan­dex Mar­ket
Aliex­press Aliex­press
Difference between Dreame P10 and P10 Pro

In addi­tion to the pro­fes­sion­al ver­sion of Dreame P10, there is also a basic one. There are no visu­al dif­fer­ences, but the Dreame P10, unlike the Dreame P10 Pro, has a weak­er motor (20,000 Pa) and a bat­tery (2000 mAh). Also, the basic ver­sion does not include a fur­ni­ture brush. The cost is also slight­ly less.


Dreame P10 Pro is equipped with a 2500 mAh bat­tery. It lasts for 10–30 min­utes, depend­ing on the select­ed pow­er. If you have a large house, you can buy a few extra bat­ter­ies and vac­u­um with­out look­ing at the dis­play.

Suction power

The declared suc­tion pow­er is 22000 Pa or 130 watts. With­out a rod and noz­zles, the anemome­ter records from 7.9 m/s (at min­i­mum speed) to 20.7 m/s (at max­i­mum pow­er). This is the aver­age for most upright vac­u­um clean­ers.

Dry cleaning quality

The Dreame P10 Pro han­dles debris very well on smooth floors. The roller eas­i­ly col­lects sand and crumbs, and the vac­u­um draws it all into the dust col­lec­tor. But keep in mind that the bell is quite nar­row, so the Dreame P10 Pro does not swal­low large debris (for exam­ple, cat lit­ter) so well, and some­times block­ing of the roller may occur.

We also man­aged to clean the thin car­pet nor­mal­ly, although it took longer. But for medi­um car­pets, I would not rec­om­mend using the Dreame P10 Pro, since clean­ing a small rug will take almost the entire bat­tery charge. Affects the absence of a car­pet brush.

The self-clean­ing sys­tem works, but is not per­fect. The hair is still wound on the roller, and it is not very con­ve­nient to remove them, because there is no cut­ter in the kit, and the ends of the roller are not remov­able.

Application of nozzles

I will briefly talk about oth­er noz­zles. Fur­ni­ture works flaw­less­ly, even despite the aver­age motor pow­er. The hard-bris­tled brush gets dust lumps out of the uphol­stery well, and the mov­able frame pro­vides effec­tive suc­tion, regard­less of the angle of the vac­u­um clean­er.

The 2 in 1 noz­zle is also very con­ve­nient. You can col­lect garbage behind a wardrobe, clean the key­board, put things in order on the shelves in the clos­et, or clean up the car inte­ri­or.

Noise level

The noise lev­el of the Dreame P10 Pro is aver­age — from 71 to 81 dB in full assem­bly. Of course, loud­er than a robot, but notice­ably qui­eter than a cord­ed vac­u­um clean­er.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • high qual­i­ty of smooth floor clean­ing;
  • seam­less design and reli­able assem­bly;
  • the dust con­tain­er can be washed with water;
  • infor­ma­tion dis­play and pow­er latch;
  • effec­tive fur­ni­ture brush;
  • floor stand;
  • remov­able bat­tery.


  • no car­pet brush;
  • mod­est equip­ment;
  • no dock­ing sta­tion;
  • to con­trol you need to use the sec­ond hand.

The pre­mi­um Dreame P10 Pro lacks both addi­tion­al equip­ment and pow­er. Nev­er­the­less, the vac­u­um clean­er is per­fect­ly assem­bled and per­fect­ly copes with its main task — clean­ing a smooth floor. More­over, avail­able Dreame P10 Pro a very effec­tive fur­ni­ture brush that can make your sofa look young again.

If you have a lot of car­pets in your house (on which ani­mals are lying) or you are look­ing for a mul­ti­func­tion­al vac­u­um clean­er with wide func­tion­al­i­ty, then Dreame P10 Pro is not your option. But if you are look­ing for an afford­able and high-qual­i­ty ver­ti­cal for smooth sur­faces, Dreame P10 Pro is one of the best deals on the mar­ket.

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