The best monitors of 2021: from budget to premium

Choos­ing a mon­i­tor is a very respon­si­ble and far from the eas­i­est thing to do. In addi­tion to the diag­o­nal and screen res­o­lu­tion, you need to con­sid­er many oth­er impor­tant fac­tors. This is the refresh rate, and response time, and the type of pan­el used, and even tech­nolo­gies that reduce eye strain for users.

If you don’t want to deal with all this tech­nol­o­gy and price intri­ca­cies, then you can check out our selec­tion of the best mon­i­tors of 2021 for all occa­sions.

Best Budget Monitor: LG 24MK430H

Price: from 90$.

The worst thing you can do when buy­ing a bud­get mon­i­tor is to go for the most afford­able price tag. Yes, in our time it is quite pos­si­ble to buy a mon­i­tor for 50$, but all you get from such a pur­chase is a headache, watery eyes and a desire to quick­ly move away from the com­put­er.

A good thing is rarely cheap. The LG 24MK430H can­not be called ultra-cheap either, but, in our opin­ion, it can be attrib­uted to the best bud­get mon­i­tors of 2021. Despite the afford­able price tag, it uses a high-qual­i­ty IPS-matrix with a diag­o­nal of 23.8 inch­es and a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els.

The mon­i­tor sup­ports both stan­dard VGA and HDMI 1.4 con­nec­tions. More­over, in the lat­ter case, its refresh rate will increase to 75 Hz, and this will ensure greater smooth­ness of the pic­ture in dynam­ic scenes. Suit­able mon­i­tor and gamers. They will sure­ly appre­ci­ate the sup­port for AMD FreeSync tech­nol­o­gy, com­bined with a whole range of fea­tures to make the game eas­i­er.

Best Inexpensive for Gamers: Gigabyte G27F

Price: from 200$.

A bud­get gam­ing mon­i­tor is a very loose con­cept. Games make spe­cial demands on them that sim­ply can­not fit in a mon­i­tor worth 100$. There­fore, real­ly gam­ing solu­tions can­not be cheap. The Giga­byte G27F rec­om­mend­ed by us not only has all the nec­es­sary fea­tures, but also has a sim­ply excel­lent design with thin bezels and a styl­ish stand.

But the main fea­ture of this mon­i­tor was a 27-inch IPS pan­el with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els, a high refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of just 1 ms. Just what you need for a gam­ing mon­i­tor. Throw in a timer, scope, and a host of oth­er gam­ing fea­tures, and you’ve got an excel­lent gam­ing mon­i­tor for not that much mon­ey.

And, of course, it could not have done with­out sup­port for mod­ern HDMI and Dis­play­Port inter­faces, FreeSync and G‑Sync tech­nolo­gies, as well as Flick­er-Free, which elim­i­nates annoy­ing and harm­ful flick­er for the eyes. Sep­a­rate­ly, it is worth not­ing the sup­port for VESA mounts (100x100 mm), which allow you to place the mon­i­tor on the wall. Often this is unnec­es­sary.

Best Curved Monitor: Viewsonic Elite XG270QC

Price: from 440$.

Curved mon­i­tors pro­vide many advan­tages not only for gamers, but also for ordi­nary users. Only they offer amaz­ing depth of immer­sion, expert­ly mim­ic­k­ing the view­ing angle of the human eye. The only draw­back of such solu­tions is that one, max­i­mum two peo­ple can take all the ben­e­fits from such a mon­i­tor. Those. You won’t be able to watch a movie in a big com­pa­ny. But that’s not what mon­i­tors are for. Truth?

The 27-inch View­son­ic Elite XG270QC has incor­po­rat­ed all the advan­tages of curved mon­i­tors and almost no weak­ness­es. It has a high res­o­lu­tion of 2560x1440 pix­els, a 1ms grey-to-gray response time and an excel­lent refresh rate of up to 165Hz, per­fect for gam­ing.

What’s more, the mon­i­tor is cer­ti­fied to the Dis­play­H­DR 400 stan­dard, which places high­er demands on pan­el bright­ness. In the case of the Elite XG270QC, it reach­es an impres­sive 550 cd/m2 with a con­trast ratio of 3000:1. And, of course, it sup­ports FreeSync Pre­mi­um Pro and Flick­er-Free tech­nolo­gies, has mod­ern HDMI 2.0 and Dis­play­Port 1.4 ports, and thanks to VESA mounts (100x100 mm) it can be mount­ed on a wall. The only thing you can find fault with is the con­sid­er­able price of the mon­i­tor. But this is exact­ly the case when it is ful­ly jus­ti­fied.

Best for color work: BenQ PD3220U

Price: from 890$.

Of course, users are inter­est­ed not only in games and movies. Design­ers, pho­tog­ra­phers, and peo­ple involved in video pro­cess­ing put a mon­i­tor’s col­or accu­ra­cy at the fore­front. And here you sim­ply can­not do with­out pro­fes­sion­al solu­tions focused on work­ing with col­or. BenQ PD3220U rec­om­mend­ed by us belongs to such mon­i­tors.

This mon­i­tor pro­vides 95% DCI-P3 cov­er­age and 100% sRGB and Rec. 709, and the IPS pan­el used in it has wide view­ing angles, min­i­miz­ing col­or dis­tor­tion when view­ing images on the screen. The mon­i­tor sup­ports spe­cial dis­play modes and sup­ports 10-bit col­or depth. It is also cer­ti­fied by Cal­MAN and PANTONE to meet the indus­try’s require­ments for true-to-life col­or repro­duc­tion.

The 31.5‑inch BenQ PD3220U has a high res­o­lu­tion of 3840x2160 pix­els and sup­ports HDR10, but due to its not the high­est refresh rate of 60 Hz and response time, it is not suit­able for games. There­fore, we advise it to cre­ative peo­ple, gamers will not be inter­est­ed in this mon­i­tor.

Best gaming monitor: Samsung Odyssey G7

Price: from 500$.

The Sam­sung Odyssey G7 brings togeth­er every­thing that gamers love so much. This 31.5 inch mon­i­tor has a high res­o­lu­tion of 2560x1440 pix­els. It uses a 1000R large radius VA pan­el, fill­ing all periph­er­al vision for bet­ter immer­sion in the game. A huge refresh rate of 240Hz and a fast response time of 1ms will not leave any gamer indif­fer­ent, while the QLED tech­nol­o­gy will make the col­ors more vivid and pure.

Of course, it is hard­ly worth men­tion­ing the pres­ence of all mod­ern gam­ing fea­tures and sup­port for FreeSync and G‑Sync tech­nolo­gies. This is self-explana­to­ry. We only note that the Sam­sung Odyssey G7 com­petes on equal terms with much more expen­sive gam­ing mon­i­tors, and in many ways sur­pass­es them.


It should be under­stood that when com­pil­ing today’s selec­tion, we were guid­ed by the most attrac­tive com­bi­na­tion of price and fea­tures. There are mon­i­tors on the mar­ket with more advanced fea­tures. But their cost is no longer so attrac­tive, and the advan­tages over the mon­i­tors we rec­om­mend are not so great.

If you grav­i­tate towards large mon­i­tors that are at least 30 inch­es, we rec­om­mend check­ing out our selec­tion of the best 32-inch mon­i­tors.

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