Which Nvidia and AMD graphics cards support ray tracing

Nvidia graphics cards with ray tracing Since the launch of the RTX (Tur­ing) line, Nvidia has inte­grat­ed ray trac­ing into its prod­ucts. There­fore, there are many video cards that sup­port this option. RTX Series: among

Top 6 Best Hard Drives for Creating Archives

Sol­id state dri­ves are get­ting cheap­er and are slow­ly start­ing to replace hard dri­ves in home PCs. But their use for stor­ing archives, back­ups and oth­er large arrays of rel­a­tive­ly sta­t­ic infor­ma­tion is sim­ply inap­pro­pri­ate,

All in one: 5 best all-in-ones for home and office

A monoblock is a device that com­bines a mon­i­tor and a com­put­er sys­tem unit. The main advan­tages of such a gad­get are com­pact­ness and the absence of a large num­ber of wires. How­ev­er, monoblocks have

Choosing the best routers for home: rating-2020

Most wired inter­net providers offer new sub­scribers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rent or buy their “approved” router mod­el. But let’s be hon­est, for the most part, such devices leave much to be desired, and soon­er or