The best gaming laptop lines: from ROG to Omen

[ad_1] The grow­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of min­ing has led to a sharp increase in the cost of video cards. There­fore, in our time, assem­bling a mod­ern gam­ing desk­top PC is not a cheap plea­sure. But gamers

Laptop processors: which are the best for today?

Many users are well versed in the hier­ar­chy of desk­top proces­sors, but give up when it comes to lap­top proces­sors. And, mean­while, it is this para­me­ter, along with the mod­el of the video card, that

Gaming monitor: how not to overpay for what you need

Gamer mon­i­tors are notice­ably dif­fer­ent from office mon­i­tors. And it’s not about design at all: just here there is com­plete free­dom of choice. You can find mod­els that will glow like Christ­mas trees. But there

5 extremely useful gadgets for working remotely

The viral pan­dem­ic, in addi­tion to glob­al prob­lems, unex­pect­ed­ly brought ben­e­fits to office work­ers. In many com­pa­nies, remote work is no longer seen as some­thing out of the ordi­nary. For exam­ple, our edi­to­r­i­al team has