Best home routers: top 8 most interesting models

Most wired inter­net providers offer new sub­scribers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rent or buy their “approved” router mod­el. But let’s be hon­est, for the most part, such devices leave much to be desired, and soon­er or

3D printer rating 2020: 6 best models for home

For cre­ativ­i­ty and for work — this is how you can indi­cate the pur­pose of buy­ing a home 3D print­er. Accord­ing­ly, such a device should be suf­fi­cient­ly reli­able, easy to con­fig­ure and inex­pen­sive to use.

The best monitors with a diagonal of 32 inches: top 6

Philips 327E8QJAB 31.5 Matrix: IPS, 78 Hz Res­o­lu­tion: 1920x1080 pix. (16:9) The most bud­get mod­el in our selec­tion is a mon­i­tor from the Dutch com­pa­ny Philips. It can be from 150$. This is a sur­pris­ing­ly

Gamer’s Dream: Video Card Performance Rating

The video card is one of the most impor­tant com­po­nents of a desk­top PC, which even sur­pass­es the cen­tral pro­cess­ing unit in terms of pro­cess­ing pow­er. And in terms of cost, a mod­ern pow­er­ful video

Laptop as a gift: instructions for Santa Claus

All Huawei Mate­Book lap­tops have some­thing in com­mon: they are pre­dom­i­nant­ly avail­able in a clas­sic sil­ver col­or, equipped with mod­ern con­nec­tors, includ­ing USB‑C, and also sup­port HUAWEI Share tech­nol­o­gy with the “Mul­ti­screen” func­tion, which allows

Laptops under 250$: anti-crisis solutions for remote work

Not every­one needs a high-per­for­mance lap­top stuffed with mod­ern tech­nolo­gies. Most lap­tops are required for sim­ple office work, surf­ing the Inter­net, and watch­ing movies. And even a bud­get device will cope with these tasks, the

Best graphics card for gaming 2022: top 6 models

The video card is a key ele­ment of any gam­ing com­put­er. There­fore, the ques­tion of which video card for games in 2022 is con­sid­ered the best is more rel­e­vant than ever in our time. First