Best laptops 2021 for work: top 10 models

In this era of wide­spread tran­si­tion to remote or hybrid work, lap­tops are start­ing to play an increas­ing­ly impor­tant role. They allow you to work wher­ev­er you are. It can be a house, and an open field, and a hut in the vil­lage, and, of course, the walls of your own office.

But work is dif­fer­ent. Almost any, even the cheap­est lap­top, is suit­able for typ­ing in Word and Excel spread­sheets. If you are into pro­gram­ming, the hard­ware require­ments will be more seri­ous, and to work with graph­ics, you will need a very pow­er­ful machine with an excel­lent dis­play. There­fore, we have select­ed for you ten of the best lap­tops for work.

Laptops for office work

There are no spe­cial require­ments for lap­tops for office work, and their price looks very afford­able. It is worth con­sid­er­ing only one rather impor­tant point: the diag­o­nal of the screen of such a lap­top should be suf­fi­cient for com­fort­able work. In oth­er words, you need to choose at least 14‑, and prefer­ably 15.6‑inch mod­els.

Lenovo V15IIL

Our top best lap­tops for work opens with the rel­a­tive­ly small Leno­vo V15IIL lap­top mea­sur­ing 362.2 x 251.5 x 19.9mm and weigh­ing less than a kilo­gram. It is equipped with a widescreen 15.6‑inch TN-dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els and anti-glare, per­fect for work­ing with spread­sheets and text files.

The Intel Core i3-1005G1 proces­sor used in the com­pa­ny with 4 GB of RAM is enough for any office tasks, and a fast 128 GB sol­id-state dri­ve will allow you to quick­ly load Win­dows and spe­cial­ized pro­grams. There is also a web­cam for video­con­fer­enc­ing, although you should not expect high qual­i­ty pic­tures from it.

HP 15s-eq1116ur

An excel­lent alter­na­tive to the Leno­vo V15IIL can be the HP 15s-eq1116ur lap­top. It is even cheap­er than the first mod­el, dif­fer­ing from it in a weak­er AMD Athlon Gold 3150U proces­sor, which, how­ev­er, is more than enough for any office tasks. Espe­cial­ly since it is com­ple­ment­ed by twice as much RAM twice as much and a 256 GB SSD.

The lap­top has a 15.6‑inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els with the same anti-glare coat­ing. And the undoubt­ed advan­tages of the device include its small thick­ness of 17.9 mm and weight of 1.69 kg. The com­pact and almost weight­less lap­top can be car­ried with you all the time and work wher­ev­er you are.

Laptops for programming

The rat­ing of the best lap­tops for work con­tin­ues with mod­els for pro­gram­mers. They should be equipped with a fast proces­sor and a suf­fi­cient­ly pow­er­ful bat­tery.

Honor MagicBook Pro HYLR-WFQ9

With a rep­re­sen­ta­tive design and a thin 16.9 mm thick­ness, this lap­top has a pow­er­ful bat­tery that lasts for 12 hours of con­tin­u­ous work at once. It’s pow­ered by a pow­er­ful 6‑core AMD Ryzen 5 4600H proces­sor with Vega 6 inte­grat­ed graph­ics and 16GB of DDR4 RAM, while the note­book’s SSD has a hefty 512GB of stor­age.

The pic­ture is com­ple­ment­ed by a fair­ly large 16.1‑inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els and a mat­te fin­ish. The lap­top sup­ports mod­ern Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Blue­tooth 5.0 wire­less inter­faces, has an HDMI out­put for dis­play­ing infor­ma­tion on an exter­nal screen, and the time to ful­ly charge its bat­tery does not exceed 1.5 hours. With all this, the lap­top is quite light — 1.7 kg.


Unlike the Mag­ic­Book Pro, this lap­top uses an Intel proces­sor, more specif­i­cal­ly an Intel Core i5-1035G1 with inte­grat­ed Intel UHD Graph­ics. It is much more com­pact than the pre­vi­ous mod­el, pri­mar­i­ly due to the small­er 14-inch TN dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els. True, not every­thing is more com­pact — the thick­ness of the lap­top is 3 mm more than that of the Hon­or devel­op­ment.

The lap­top has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 512 GB sol­id state dri­ve, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Blue­tooth 4.1 wire­less inter­faces are sup­port­ed, there are two USB 2.0 Type A ports, one each USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type‑C and HDMI out­put. In gen­er­al, every­thing you need for a full-fledged work. It looks, by the way, also quite styl­ish, although the pic­ture is slight­ly spoiled by a too thick frame above the screen.

Lenovo IdeaPad 317ADA05

This machine, both nim­ble and inex­pen­sive, fea­tures a large 17.3‑inch dis­play with a rel­a­tive­ly low res­o­lu­tion of 1600x900 pix­els, which will eas­i­ly fit all the infor­ma­tion you need. The lap­top is built on a 4‑core AMD Ryzen 5 3500U proces­sor with fast Vega 8 graph­ics and 8 GB of RAM, expand­able up to 12 GB.

It has a fast 512 GB sol­id state dri­ve, sup­ports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Blue­tooth 5.0 and all the nec­es­sary set of wired inter­faces, includ­ing an HDMI out­put. Of course, the large screen of the lap­top does not leave any chance to make it com­pact — the dimen­sions of the gad­get are 402 x 281.25 x 19.9 mm, weight — 2.2 kg. But in this case, you always have to sac­ri­fice some­thing.

Laptops for video editing

Which lap­top is best for video edit­ing? This is a spe­cif­ic type of load, where the proces­sor per­for­mance plays the first vio­lin. There­fore, the best lap­tops for video edit­ing should be equipped with a pow­er­ful proces­sor. But that’s not all. Most mod­ern video edit­ing soft­ware sup­ports ren­der­ing, encod­ing, and hard­ware accel­er­a­tion with a graph­ics card, and you can hard­ly do with­out a lap­top with dis­crete graph­ics. It should also have a fast sol­id-state dri­ve paired with a large amount of RAM.

In oth­er words, a mod­ern lap­top for video edit­ing is not much dif­fer­ent from a gam­ing solu­tion. And, there­fore, it is clear­ly not nec­es­sary to count on the fact that it will be inex­pen­sive.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX506LI-HN081

Pow­ered by a nim­ble 4‑core Intel Core i5-10300H proces­sor with 16 GB of RAM and dis­crete Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graph­ics (4 GB GDDR6). This com­bi­na­tion is quite enough for nor­mal work with video edi­tors, and the cost of the lap­top itself does not bite too much. The IPS screen of the device has a diag­o­nal of 15.6 inch­es, a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

A 512 GB sol­id-state dri­ve, sup­port for Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Blue­tooth 5.0 and the abil­i­ty to wired net­work access at speeds up to 1000 Mbps also look quite out of place. The lap­top pro­vides a USB 2.0 Type A port, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A and one each USB 3.2 Gen2 Type‑C (Dis­play­Port 1.4) and HDMI. There is also a com­bo mic/headphone out­put.

MSI Sword 15A11UE-212XRU

If you have 1000$, you should def­i­nite­ly take a clos­er look at the MSI Sword 15A11UE-212XRU lap­top. It uses a fast Intel Core i5-11400H proces­sor in the com­pa­ny with a pow­er­ful Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graph­ics card. Of the minus­es of the lap­top, one can only note the not very high amount of RAM at 8 GB, which may not always be enough.

There is a 512 GB sol­id state dri­ve, a wide range of wired and wire­less inter­faces and a 15.6‑inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

HP OMEN 15-dh1017ur

If the two pre­vi­ous video edit­ing lap­tops are not with­out com­pro­mis­es, then the HP OMEN 15-dh1017ur can be called an almost ide­al solu­tion for video edit­ing. True, its price is quite high — more than 1300$.

For that mon­ey, you get a lap­top with a 6‑core Intel Core i7-10750H proces­sor paired with 16GB of RAM, an 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graph­ics card, and a 1TB SSD. The pic­ture is com­ple­ment­ed by sup­port for the high-speed Thun­der­bolt 3 inter­face and a 15.6‑inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Designer laptops

What lap­top to take for work as a design­er? It is not enough for such a device to have only a pow­er­ful fill­ing. In addi­tion, it must be equipped with a capa­cious dri­ve and an extreme­ly high-qual­i­ty dis­play with accu­rate col­or repro­duc­tion.

DELL Precision 5750

One of the best lap­tops for design­ers is the DELL Pre­ci­sion 5750. It uses a large 17-inch WVA-matrix with excel­lent col­or repro­duc­tion and a high res­o­lu­tion of 3840x2400 pix­els. The heart of the lap­top is a 6‑core Intel Core i7-10850H proces­sor cou­pled with an NVIDIA Quadro T2000 video accel­er­a­tor, and its 16 GB of RAM can be expand­ed up to 64 GB.

The lap­top is installed on the most capa­cious sol­id-state dri­ve 512 GB, which is off­set by four high-speed Thun­der­bolt 3 inter­faces. With all this, it has a sur­pris­ing­ly small thick­ness of 13.15 mm. Its weight is 2.13 kg.

Apple MacBook Pro 16

Com­pared to the cost of the DELL Pre­ci­sion 5750, the fresh Apple Mac­Book Pro 16 lap­top looks like a real mod­est thing. But deny­ing the advan­tages of the Mac­Book is stu­pid: it is in many ways bet­ter than its com­peti­tors.

The Mac­Book’s 16-inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 3072x1920 pix­els offers an extreme­ly detailed pic­ture with accu­rate col­or repro­duc­tion. With all this, it sup­ports the True Tone func­tion, which adjusts the col­or bal­ance to the envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions, and Night Shift, which makes the pic­ture warmer at night.

The lap­top is built on an ultra-per­for­mance Intel Core i9 proces­sor, equipped with 16 GB of RAM and a dis­crete graph­ics card AMD Radeon Pro 5500M. Such a set is enough for any design­er, though for such a high per­for­mance you will have to pay for not the best auton­o­my.

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